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Glukhova Dasha


GLUKHOVA is a Moscow and Amsterdam based photographer specializing in travel, art, portrait, editorial and advertising photography.


She is looking for simplicity. And loves to work with and under books and magazines. Dasha loves to work with film and her old camera. She believes that nothing can be miracle than catching the light and atmosphere of the moment. Shooting on the iPhone gives you the opportunity to create your own story and style, but film give you a chance not to be copied, catching the miracle and magic. 


She start photographing during her study in the journalism faculty. At the age of 19 she moved to USA for a small period where she astray to practice and work as a photographer. She took two degree, advertising and art criticism. History of movie, theatre and art impress her so much with understanding of the mechanisms of advertising that she decided to deep her studying. In a 5 years she defended a Phd, when she was 24 y.o.,  about the new ethics in the postmodern era in the mirror of social advertising. Her new subject reflected her interest in understanding the cultural code of visual language and the ways/ technique it works.During her theoretical study she works for some magazines, ones she creates a story for "Time Out» in 5 different pictures and editorial office decided to print out one edition with 5 different coverage, for this idea Time Out Moscow  received an award for the best Cover all over the world. Also she illustrated couple of books with her pictures.




Available for work internationally. Feel free to contact for any collaborations and ideas. 

tel: +79163510795 (Moscow) / +31642595296 (Amsterdam)
email: dg-dg@bk.ru




Personal excibitions

January - February 2016 Amsterdam, Home of Art.

 April 2017, Denmark, Aalboorg, ORDCRAFT

 April 2017, Denmark, Hjorring, Mogens Andersen Atelier

May 2017, Denmark, Lonstrup, Dorta Friis Gallery

May - September 2017, Denmark, Skagen, Rasmus gallery 


Continuum, Amsterdam, "Home of art" gallery , 2016









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You can purchase most of the images as a fine art print in a limited edition. Please send your inquiry via mail.